Music Talk with DJ King Lewis (Interview)




1. Who do you look up to?

I grew up in the music scene, my Grandfather is "Ramsey Lewis" Jazz legend from Chicago, Illinois. He showed me at an early age that dreams are very much possible. So in short I look up to my Grandfather the most.

2. How long have you been working with Platinum recording artist Mike Jones?

I met Mike about 9 years ago, through my management company The Hype Magazine back when I was promoting show up in West Lafayette, IN Been Friends ever since!

3. When did you decide you wanted to become a DJ?

Well my Father and Brother spin vinyl, plus being around DJ's my hole life as a club promoter has always caught my interest. As a promoter I found that working with some DJ's was just a hassle! They would be almost as bad as the artist we booked for the night. That's What really lit a fire under me to go out and buy my first controller and start learning. I had some great mentors as well ( DJ CALLE, DJ NASSIR, DJ King Assassin, DJ Young Cee, Bay Banz.

4. Who was your first sponsor and how did you get it?

So about 10 years ago... wow that is crazy to even say lol. So yea about 10 years ago I was scrolling through Instagram and seen a fairly new Jewelry page (The Gold Gods) with High end chains. They had some A list celebrities they had collaborated with so I decided to give them a ring. I sent an email with my social media analytics and asked to for them to sponsor me in exchange I would model and promote their brand. Till this day I have sold over 2100 pieces of jewelry all via online promoting and modeling their chains. Use my promo code "KyleLewis" and get 20% off your orders this promo code never expires!

5. How many hustles do you have?

I am a hard believer in Grant Cardone's 10X Rule, where you multiply what you think it takes to to something times 10. Also if you have more than one egg out to hatch you have a better chance at success. Now with that being said I have about 5-6 different hustles right now that keep me pushing towards my dreams.

6. What is your next move?

All I can say is I am working with some well named people on a few different projects, expect to see my music coming out, and new mixes as well.


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