Music Talk: With Artist Shelby Cordell (Interview)

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1.Who are you as an artist & person?

I am a midwest girl grown up on Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera then introduced to rap such as Drake, Chris Brown which gave me a blend of a pop & hip-hip sound. I’m always experimenting and trying new things vocally. I am a very dedicated, hard working individual. I don’t say I’m going to do something unless I’m  really doing it. I have this super power in which if you hang out with me too long I’ll have you convince yourself you are a bad bitch capable of literally anything. I am

very family oriented, they are my

rock. I make time to be there for friends/family, you never know when life can take an unexpected turn. I try to live with the ‘any moment could be your last motto’ in all situations. I can make conversation with about anyone & when you really get to know me you will see my

crazy/wild side. I value being professional, kind, compassionate in all situations. I believe everyone is important and has a significance in this world and should be treated as such. I also love fashion and

feel like if I wasn’t doing music I would be a stylist or something.

2. What has kept you moving forward throughout your career? My family, friends, and my boyfriend are the best support system. They always have my back and I’ve weeded out those who weren’t meant to be in my life leaving space for those who matter the most, the real ones.

3. Who is your fav artist out right now and why?

ooo this one is really hard there are soo many talented artists right now I really fuck with, but I recently discovered Tay Money and I LOVE what she’s got goin on. She’s from Texas with this cute little accent and super boujee. Her outfits are killer and she’s really doin her thang for females!! Love me some women empowerment in the music industry.

4. When are you going to collab with Turn Up Nation?

When you sendin somethin through? lol

5. What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

I got flown out to LA to meet with Ana Montana (famous instagram model) we did a photoshoot, listened to my music, & got to connect with her boyfriend SK8 who is signed with Taylor Gang. I had met them before but this was more personal and now they are good friends of my boyfriend & I. My “Juiceman” song was a SK8 remix. It was dope when I told him about it he has already heard it lol.

6. How long have you been in the entertainment industry?

Sophomore year of highschool is when I told myself look girlfriend you got this, you were born for this, you are doing this! I stopped settling for some boring ass 9-5 job I would hate and started committing my

life to what I love. I started writing,recording, and learning the business around 15/16 years old. I put out a little EP, did some local shows, and really got into the ins & outs of social media content.

7. What artist do you want to do a feature with?

Tory Lanez is my dream collab, he don’t know it yet but I could bless one of his tracks lol. Currently I think Baby Goth would be super dope to work with we have similar sounds. Also, Olivia O’brien is a queen we could def make a pop star anthem.

8. What project are you working on currently?

I’m working on an album experimenting with this new hip-hop sound like you heard on “Pay Up”. The album is half rnb half hip-hop.

9. How can people find you on the world wide web?

Shelby Cordell eryyyything, check me out ;)

10. When you sign your first major deal what are you going to do that day?

Ah, thinking about this has me smiling. I ~will~ call my family and all my day 1s to celebrate. cry, happy tears of course & thank god for all my blessings then and

to come.

11. If you can do one thing differently, what would that be?

Not necessarily change but do better, be more aware of how many people I’m reaching. That there are people out there who listen to what I say, watch what I put out into the world, and fully understand/commit to being a positive role model.

12. How long have you been writing music music? When I was in elementary school we had reading time and I would always write songs, I wrote my first song in 3rd grade with my singing coach...we recording it and everything. I even made a music video in my BTV class in middle school to it. I really got into writing my sophomore year of high school.

13. What’s your main goal?

Be happy and live a long healthy life. Music makes me happy and what I see my life spent doing. I want to have a positive impact on kids who want to stray from the social norm and them to know they can do whatever it is they love, there’s no rules they have to follow.




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